A day at Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre

Friday Jan 26th, 2018


This past week, The Dianna Mandzuk Team had the honour of touring Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre at 86 Colborne Street West, Oshawa.  We were kindly lead through the property by Andrea Shaw, the Executive Director and Debbie Dawson, Fundraising and Community Engagement Coordinator. 

WEEMAX Children's Charities* has been supporting and donating towards the Children's Family support room of the Hearth Place's new addition in 2018.  This addition will provide the facility many possibilities for new programming with the additional space. 

Our Team has been donating a portion of every sale to this most worthy campaign!  However, to see with our own eyes, and to feel the warm comforting homey atmosphere for ourselves only made us each want to give and do more! 

In our time on site, we saw just how busy this Centre truly is.  Every room was in demand, people were meeting in support group sessions, staff and volunteers alike were busy but despite that, those who enter this facility will feel accepted and respected, instantly.

Should someone be directed by their physician to visit Hearth Place, you know that it is due to very unfortunate news, news none of us want to hear for ourselves nor for our loved ones.  But this news and cancer itself has likely affected each of us already, in our lives.

Once brought into this community you will find kindred spirits, guidance, support and a wealth of information that clinical environments will never be able to provide. 

It is our privilege and honour to not only donate to this incredible organization but to let you know that we couldn't do it without you!  Our cherished clients!   It is through the purchase and sale of each of your homes that supports this great cause!

Beyond this, if any of you is looking to support or volunteer with Hearth Place directly please check out their site here.

*WEEMAX Children's Charities is an exclusive, ground breaking umbrella covering the philanthropic and benevolent support of RE/MAX Jazz for local children's programs.

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