Bathroom Trends 2019

Wednesday Feb 20th, 2019


Written by Jessica Greaves February 1, 2019

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Bathroom Trends 2019

There are endless options when it comes to bathroom renovations. From simple updates like a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to a complete overhaul of your layout, there’s much to consider when renovating. If you’re thinking about renovating your powder room, ensuite, or main bathroom at all this year, you’re probably wondering what’s trending. Check out our favourite bathroom trends for 2019.

1. Bold Colour Choices

bold colour paint in bathroom

Image courtesy of Home To Love

Similar to trends we’re seeing in kitchens this year, bold colours are going to be big in bathrooms in 2019. Say good-bye to soft and tame colour palettes like white and grey. 2019 is all about experimenting with bold colours like deep blues, forest greens and even black. Pink bathrooms are also making a comeback, but this isn’t your grandma’s pink bathroom. More mature and modern, hues of pink will be seen throughout designer bathrooms in 2019.

If you don’t love the idea of painting your entire bathroom navy, consider going bold with your wallpaper. For the past few years, wallpaper has remained on yearly trend lists and this year is no different. People love experimenting with patterned wallpaper particularly in powder rooms. The small sized room is a great place to experiment with bold colours or patterns without overwhelming the rest of the house. Ready to try this trend? Hire a pro to update the paint or wallpaper in your bathroom.

2. Compact Design

compact bathroom

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As small space living continues to become more common, bathroom designs are embracing less square footage. One key way to fit more into less space is to combine items. We’ll see fewer double sinks and more shower/bath combos than we’ve seen in previous years. While we may be losing space, there’s no shortage of style. Many homeowners are opting to install glass doors instead of using shower curtains to create a more open and modern look in 2019.

Others might try embracing a “wet room.” A popular concept in many European countries, a wet room is a bathroom where the shower is not self-contained. Instead, it is open or is behind a single wall, usually made of glass. Wet rooms are great for those who want to create a showstopping look and maximize their small space. Wet rooms can incorporate bathtubs or eliminate them completely, the choice is up to you. Speak with a bathroom renovation expert to get the best wet room layout for your home.

3. Terrazzo Time

terrazzo in bathroom

Image courtesy of TLC Interiors

Terrazzo has been around for a long time and in 2019 it makes its comeback. Terrazzo is a composite material made from mixing marble chips into concrete. The result is a speckled flooring and wall material packed full of nostalgia. Terrazzo made its biggest splash between the 1930s and 70s. Now it’s back with a modern twist. Today’s terrazzo comes in a wide variety of colours and uses an assortment of other materials to get its signature bits-and-pieces look.

Terrazzo is a great alternative to stone and marble as it isn’t as expensive. It is equally durable as it is eye-catching. It is so durable that it can withstand heavy foot traffic and often will last longer than the home it is in. Terrazzo also requires minimal maintenance so it won’t impact your regular cleaning schedule.

As we continue to incorporate mid-century modern and 1970’s influenced design into our homes, it’s no wonder terrazzo is making a big comeback this year. Speak to a flooring or tiling expert to learn how you can incorporate terrazzo into your bathroom in 2019.

4. Statement Mirrors and Art

round mirrors and art in bathroom

Image courtesy of Fox Homes

Many people see the bathroom as a functional room and not the place for statement pieces. This year we’re challenging homeowners to think outside the box when it comes to decorating their bathrooms. Your bathroom’s design should be an extension of your home’s decor which is why we’re going to see a lot more interesting art and statement mirrors in 2019.

One quick and easy way to change the appearance of your bathroom is to update your mirror. Ditch your current frameless model in favour of something with more weight and visual interest to it. Round mirrors, in particular, are very popular this year. Don’t be afraid to move pieces from other rooms in your home into the bathroom to help achieve a more eclectic look. The same can be done with art. Take a piece or two from other rooms and add them to your bathroom. You can always get the help of a handyman to hang any new art or mirrors. You’ll be surprised how quickly doing this will elevate your space.

5. Industrial Chic

industrial chic bathroom

Image courtesy of Home Designing

Fans of industrial design will be happy to hear it is all the rage this year. Exposed plumbing and hardware are being incorporated into new bathroom designs in beautiful ways. You can either go for an antique look and reference the styles of years gone by or go modern and embrace a “work-in-progress” look. Either way, we’ll be seeing lots of exposed plumbing in sinks and showers this year.

The exposed plumbing look also allows for a number of unique metal finishes to be shown off. This year, anything goes when it comes to finishes. From matte black, to copper, to gold, every finish is in. Try mixing and matching in your bathroom this year and don’t worry about everything going together. Embrace the work-in-progress freedom that comes with industrial chic bathroom design.

Trends come and go but there’s always a way to incorporate them so that they last. Speak to a bathroom specialist about how to incorporate these trends into a design that works in the long-term for your home. Whichever trends you end up using, we hope you love them for years to come.

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